Avoiding burnout.

How to avoid getting travel burnout

Traveling can be exhausting. It might not look like it from all the picture perfect photos you see on social media, but traveling can be a pain in the ass. The beginning is usually great, but the more we travel and the more stressed we are, the closer we get to burning out. If it’s happened to you, know that you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us. It starts with you getting cranky, not feeling excited anymore about seeing new things, wanting to stay in your room all day long and feeling annoyed by your surroundings. You’re starting to reconsider your whole trip and if it’s something you should be doing. But instead of throwing in the towel straight away, there are a few steps you should do before booking that flight ticket home.

Slow down

If you’ve been moving from place to place quickly and haven’t gotten time to slow down and relax, it might result in you burning out. A good antidote to this is to simply slow down. Take it easy. If you’re traveling for a longer period, there’s no need to rush. Every place that you want to see will still be there. Find a place that you love and stay there for more than just a few days. Go to a café, read a book, watch movies all day long and just do “normal” things that you would do at home. Sometimes, all we need is to have one full day of doing absolutely nothing.

2. Set up a routine

Perhaps what you’re missing is routine. You just came from a life where you had routines to not having any routines at all. This can get confusing for some so when you start traveling, why not set up a few routines? Such as getting up, eating breakfast, go to the beach, work out, relax, or whatever that works for you. It’s a way of creating stability in your life and building something familiar.

3. Go hiking

Is there anything better than going out in nature when you’re feeling burnt out? Hiking is a great antidote for stress and what’s better is that it’s usually completely for free! Just make sure that you get out there, go to the river, the beach, the mountains, wherever, and breathe some fresh air.

4. Make some new friends

What better way to cheer yourself up than to make new friends? Perhaps the reason why you’re burnt out is because of loneliness. But that’s one thing that can always be fixed when we travel. There’s plenty of solo backpackers out there who are also looking for new friends. You can also go on couchsurfing and connect with locals or travelers there.

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