Mistakes to avoid when Backpacking

The most common mistakes you do as a backpacker 

Traveling is all about making mistakes and learning from them. We’ve all been a beginner at something and traveling takes more planning than what you might think. I thought that backpacking would be like riding a bike, and perhaps that was my first mistake I did as a backpacker. I took everything too lightly. But that’s also how we learn. The most important thing is to have fun in the process. Here are some of the most common mistakes you do as a backpacker. 

Packing too much 

This is especially true when you’re going to backpack for the first time, or even second or third. We tend to pack too much stuff because we don’t want to forget anything or we feel like we need way more than we actually do. But this will only bite you in the ass. Because who wants to carry around heavy baggage? You will just curse yourself for bringing those extra shirts, shoes and pants that you’ll never wear anyway. 

Not drink enough 

We often underestimate the power of the sun. We assume that we only need to drink a few drops of water when we’re on a bus for example, that’s scorching hot. But as a matter of fact, if you forget to drink enough water, it can get really bad consequences. Dehydration is a serious issue and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s better to be on the safe side and stay hydrated! Your body will thank you. 

Try to fit too many things in the schedule 

It’s always exciting to travel somewhere new, but when we try to fit everything in our schedule, you might find it to be exhausting instead of fun after a while. You start making things a ”must” instead of just doing it because you want to. Everyone does this mistake though, but when you feel like you’re overworked, remember to take a day or two to rest. Otherwise, you’ll get sick and then you have to be in bed all day long, whether you want it or not. 

Forget something important 

Even though we’ve packed way more than we need, we always seem to forget one thing that was important. Whether it’s some visa papers, clothes, power banks, etc, you’ll most likely forget to pack at least one thing that you’ll need on your trip. That’s okay though because most of the things you can buy abroad anyway (well, maybe not your passport so make sure that that’s one of the first things you pack!). 

Buy too many souvenirs 

Everything abroad looks so much more pretty and exciting so we stack up on the souvenirs that we think will fit perfectly in our living room, but will probably just end up in a box at home because when you think of it, that elephant statue might not fit very well at home after all. 

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